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Officers and ice experience part 2

My previous post on this subject took asked the question of whether Franklin could have appointed more lieutenants or mates with ice experience to the expedition, and argued that he could not have appointed any more of the men who had gained ice experience while holding these ranks on the Cove Arctic search and rescue…

Officers and ice experience part 1

The number of officers on the Franklin Expedition with ice navigation experience has been discussed a good deal.  In addition to Franklin himself they were Captain Francis Crozier, Lieutenant Graham Gore, the two Ice Masters James Reid and Thomas Blanky, Assistant Surgeon Alexander MacDonald and Purser Charles Osmer.  It has often been argued the Expedition…

The gunner of the Franklin Expedition

Who was the gunner of the Franklin Expedition?  That’s not a trick question, although it may sound like it as nobody holding the rank of gunner sailed with Erebus and Terror.  However the expedition did have a gunner attached to for just over a month – between 4th March and 7th April 1845.  This man’s…

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